Quality Policy

Every Electrical Board, after its construction, is thoroughly inspected and tested in our Quality Control Lab. All the tests, are performed with certified and calibrated equipment with the option to issue a Certificate according to the ΕΝ 60439-1 European Standard.


  The conducted tests are:

  1. Visual and Dimensional Inspection
  2. Earth Testing
  3. Ιnsulation Testing
  4. Dielectric Strength Testing
  5. Wiring check
  6. Functions and Electrical equipment testing

ΕΝΕRGΟΝ-ΤΜ dedicated to delivering quality products, has acquired and apply the following certifications:


ISO 9001: 2015: The company was certified with the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2015, during the inspection in its facilities from the international certifying body TÜV NORD CERT.


All of our products are manufactured according to the Standard EN60439-1 / IEC 60439-1 for Low Voltage products and IEC 62271-200 for Medium Voltage products.

Low Voltage products, comply with the 93/68 (CE) Directive, 73/32 Directive (Low Voltage) and 2004/108/EK Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC)